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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Prom Preparations

It's almost Prom time! Sat. May 13th.. TJ prepares to take his girlfriend to the Jr. Prom :)
Yesterday, he stopped at the florist and ordered a corsage.. amazing how time flies.. I can still clearly see him being a ring bearer at my brother's wedding years ago!
Saturday will be the big day..and the limo will arrive to pick them all up :) Ahhh.. memories in the making :)

Honey Gets a Haircut Today!
Waiting for the groomer to call to tell me she's ready. She'll be smelling so clean..and feeling so silky soft .. and then she'll be depressed :( She's funny.. she gets sort of depressed after the groomers.. mopes around..almost like she's embarrassed or sad :( I will have to post a pic of her later today :)

Sara Lost Her Wallet!
And is hoping a good samaritan will find it and turn it in. Drivers license, college id, cash, debit cards, starbucks and albertsons gift cards, pictures, receipts...basically her whole life in that little fold of leather :(

Today is Crunch Time!
Final uploads and preparations for the May 10th release of the Pfatt Marketplace are happening as i type.. errr..well...will continue as soon as im done with my little 'lunch break' here :) Looks to be a great month.. lots of new and one of a kind offerings from our artists :)

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Saturday, May 6

Sara's coming home today!! :)

My Illustration Friday:

a mixed media collection of a handdrawn face on fabric with pencils, graphics, and mousedrawn illustrated balloons, body and hat..

Friday, May 5, 2006

Oh The Places You'll Go....

Well... here goes..
my first attempt at this whole blogging rage.. Im guessing its a sort of 'online diary' that lets me pour my heart out in an attempt to make you love me :) heheheh

A newsworthy day, one of my bestest friends called today to tell me her daughter will be touring with Janet Jackson!!! How very excited I am for her...for BOTH of them! My buttons would be a'poppin'!! :) and I imagine I'd be peein' my pants!! Congrats Jilly-bean!!!! :)

The PFATT ebay group has listed the "Faith" charity doll... please stop by and take a peek at the wonderful job the girls did on her :)



Here's my "Pinwheel Pixie" that is currently up for auction on Ebay right now...