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Hi! Im Sandy (or "Sam" the nickname i was dubbed with since birth) 
I Love:
-Hostess Ho Ho's
-my holey jeans
-puppy breath
-sleeping in

I have had a passion for photography since my babies were born..but never fully got into it til years later. Nowadays..you can usually find me, with camera either in hand..or within arms reach. Im hooked. I eat, breathe, dream, and live for shooting..whether its still-life.. sports, people, pets, art, or roadkill.. I crave to capture it!!
Im in LOVE with natural light and surroundings..and so my studio is the nearest park, an abandoned house down the lane-way..or atop a rock pile. Nature makes for the best studio anyone could ask for.

If you're looking for Senior shots.. Family shots..Babies..Maternity..Pets...Engagements.. and hate the stuffy feeling of cookie-cutter studio backdrops, then give me a call!!
(951) 440-1461 

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