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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Bear Blast!

Our trip to Big Bear was a blast! The jeep took us on trails up and around Big bear..and even way out into Yucca Valley! The sights were amazing..and we even spotted snow left here and there along the trail.
We passed thru some of the burn areas from last fall..and what an eerie feeling that was.. everything charred..and very quiet..almost like we were tip-toeing thru a graveyard.
The camper is now cleaned and put away..til next month when we head up to Yosemite again.. I can't wait as I've been waiting since last year to visit Yosemite in the Spring! Hopefully the waterfalls will be gushing and the bears will be awakening :)

Tip embracing his wildside

'ok..im done being 'wild'..please help me down!!"

a solemn silence


the wildflowers growing in the burn areas:

Joshua trees:

Tippy quietly reflects next to our stone statues:

huge boulders to explore and play on:

our course..we love fish and scallops.. :)

this time.. salmon.. bacon-wrapped scallops and asparagus:

and Steak Kabobs, red potato slices, green peppers and onions:

While the days grow longer...so do my gray hairs and wrinkles...lol..

so i created some digital art to reflect a positive affirmation i have to keep telling myself:

"im embracing..im embracing..im embracing"


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desert Adventures...

Hub and I took off last thursday and headed into the Anza Borrego desert again to Play :)
The jeep survived her maiden voyage and tow'd just fine... I was a nervous wreck tho.. and had to keep checking the camera to make sure he was still back there!

One day I will relax.

We trail'd and hiked ..and got to see some Pictographs left by Indians many moons ago! That was really cool...and lots of Morteros (grinding stones) ..which they use to grind their food on.

Then our Jeep took us over a 'moderate' off road trail thru Oriflamme Canyon ..which was a lil scary in some parts... steep rocky paths.. switchbacks..and obstacles in the way... but the views were amazing! And.. the feeling of being out in the middle of nature..with no one around for miles makes ya feel like a true explorer

(ok..so we weren't totally alone.. we did take along trusty 'Martha".. you remember her..dont ya?? My husbands "other woman".. hehehe.. Martha is a GPS system that tim just Lovesssssss) lol

our 'camp': (same spot we parked at last time)

dinner.. scallops..asparagus..and tilapia:

finally getting to drive!!!

Tim and the Pictographs:

the easy part of the trail:

Tomorrow we're heading up to Big Bear to explore up there and hit the trails!! So I'll be back in a few days to post pics of that trip..
In the meantime..if anyone knows where I can find "jeep" fabric.. (i'd like navy blue background..with jeep jeep jeep written allll over it).. I'd appreciate the help. I've searched.. but so far.. no luck.
Although..i did find this cute tank top on Ebay.. " Go Topless!!!"
and sexy lil thongs!! I just might have to get them! ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

too hot to work....

...yesterday it was 100 degrees outside..
today.. in the 90's. just too hot to work too hard...so all i managed to do today was vacuum and mop the kitchen floor.. laundry..strip bedding and then was able to plunk down and play with some photos:
Iva purchased this beautiful bouquet at the Alameda flea market...and the Piano was in the house we stayed in for Pfatt Pfest..so I just had to take their picture :)

This old Red truck was also on the property where we stayed..and it begged me to come closer:

and an old doll i purchased at the flea market..

Pfatt Pfest Photos....

Pictures from the Pfatt Pfestivious!!

The House we enjoyed for 6 days:

Some of the amazing views from our patio:

Our first outing was to head to San Jose and visit the Winchester Mystery House:

After the Winchester House..we stopped in Pleasanton to visit Sharon at American Harvest.. but she was not there :( as it was Rogers birthday.. (Happy Belated Birthday Roger!)

A group Shot:

Me, Kath, Robin, Christy, Lori, Joanne, Joycee and Deb

Iva surprised us girls with a special trip to visit Wendy Addison and her shop in a quaint little tiny town of Port Costa:

Sooo many magical treasures to be found here!! And Wendy is just the sweetest person you could ever meet..so humble and so full of imagination!

Wendy showed us her work studio...and the delicious bins of glitter! This is Wendy and Joycee:

Our second outing was visiting Napa Valley and three Wineries:

CLos Du Val:

Lori, Joycee, Joanne, Christy, Kathy, Me, Deb,Penny, Colleen and Iva

and Chandon..

Me in the "Mushroom Patch":

Sunday we crashed the gates at the Alameda Flea Market..where they had over 500 vendors!!

Lori making purchases:

Christy, Joycee and Lori taking a break from bartering:

After the Flea Market..we headed to Berkley and visiting "Castle in the Air" and other yummy shops along the street:

Penny McAllister showed us how to make purdeee lil posies one nite:

Robin Armstrong Seeber showed us how to draw Eyes too:

And Joycee showed us how to sketch eyes and work on expressions...

Besides lots of laughter.. art..and shopping..we also enjoyed LOTS of wine, Lemon Drops.. Champagne..and Chi Chi's and DELICOUS food all week!!!!!

On Monday the girls took the BART and then the Cable Car into San Fran and visited the Britex fabric store...Fishermans Warf and Pier 39...
Christy and I stayed back at the house for some 'down time'..and managed to somehow finish off a whole bottle of champagne (we enjoyed memosa's for breakfast heeheheh).. took a walk to see the Llama's that lived down the road:

Enjoyed a dip in the hottub..and just rested and relaxed the entire day!!!

And sadly.. we all had to leave and say goodbye til next year... Im counting the days.. I miss them all so much already! Its an amazing bond that we will cherish and remember forever!