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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lunch at the Brownstone Cafe - Fullerton, CA

Today was an excellent day! Reminded me of a blustery, fall, Winnie The Pooh type day as we headed into Fullerton to visit Sara at work!

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We enjoyed lunch at the Brownstone Cafe..located in the Villa del Sol building in Fullerton (believed to be haunted!!!)
I decided on the Grilled Cheese on sourdough, a cup of their famous Tomato Basil bisque soup.. ..a side of yummy potato salad and an iced tea :)
The SOUP is to DIE for!!! It is positively, HANDS DOWN, the MOST delicious SOUP i have EVER had the pleasure of spooning into my Hungry Fat Face!!! hehehehe .. one word sums it up best.. Y U M ! ! !
Next time I will order the take home 55 gallon drum size please :)
I highly recommend the Brownstone Cafe to EVERYONE for lunch...it has a cozy, artsy atmosphere..with handpainted walls..and huge still life paintings (done by the owner ..i believe)and is tucked inside the building..surrounded by a beautiful , leafy, garden courtyard area...its heavenly :)
Ask for Sara ..and tell her I sent you :)


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