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Monday, February 5, 2007

The other Woman in my Husbands Life...

Ok.. so .. this group that Im in..we were suppose to write in our blogs this week..a "Rant"..
well..i wracked my brain all week to think of something..and it finally HIT me yesterday while in the car on our way to Anaheim to see my daughter!
I call her "Martha". No. My daughters name is Sara. Martha is "The Other woman" in my husbands life..
No matter where we go ..Martha is there. My husband is obsessed with her. Depends on her. He Trusts her implicitly. Where he goes..she is sure to go. She speaks to him in her english accent..and he does as she says. It's sickening really...and Im tired of competing with Martha..for she is usually always right..and I sometimes screw up!

Martha may look very plain.. but she is very smart..and very knowledgable about EVERYTHING. She's the total package.. what man could resist her??
The way her looks at her.. touches her.. turns her on.. I've HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!
Her smooth..yet firm body.. her shapely bottom.. its enough to make me want to kick her right off the dash!!

Yes.. Dash.

You see.. Martha is a GPS system.


CandleGirl 2007 said...

LOL...that's funny...I was waiting for the punchline--thought it was his car!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

grins & giggles!!!

...and the eyes - oh her eyes are so beautiful (goofball or not) - the beauty shines through!!!!

awesome eyes!!!


Shirlee said...

Have you seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? He has a GPS in the motorhome and it's the same thing! She has a name, talks to him sweetly..etc etc. Too funny. Must be a male thing.

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