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Friday, September 7, 2007

..... a teaser....

ahhhh... september's pfatt marketplace is quickly approaching... and so are some new goodies...

::::rubbing my hands together:::::

here's a sneak peek of one of my offerings

:::: evil laugh ::::


Need protecting?

my angel banner above is my plant-protector that lives out on my patio... i love her face...she's so sweet.

I have her 'guarding' my poor lil orange tree that the pesky squirrels just won't leave alone! This spring.. there were beautiful, yummy blossoms.. and then.. tons of little green oranges appeared! I was so excited! Til one morning.. I noticed that alllllll the little green 'balls' of sweetness..were GONE!!!!!! They ATE EM ALL OFF!! :(

so.. now this sweet cherub watches over my orange tree...and im hoping that next spring.. I'll have TWICE the amount of sweet juicy oranges growing there :)


Lori said...

i love your angel! i was wondering where the image was from...darned squirrels!

Anonymous said...

love your Blog...am missing
stories and more pics of
your little "Tippy"! He
is soooooo cute!

Colleen said...

oh those pesky squirrels...so cute but so destructive...don't give up on those oranges!!

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