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Friday, December 7, 2007

...just the ticket!

...aren't these so kewl???? I love 'em!!!

Buy a pack of 4 small , aged "Ticket" Tags for only $6.50!

FREE mailing to anywhere in the US

Add them to your Journals, Scrapbooks, Collage Work or Just for adding a Touch of Vintage Fun anywhere!


Becky said...

Sandy, everythink you make is Kewl!
Your fairie is on her way. She has a long way to fly, but I think she will make it. I hope you enjoy her for many years.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sandy~~You make the cutest things! I am really thinking about keepin' the S necklace for myself....I love it so much. fooey on giving it as a gift! Thanks so much for your sweet compliments on my totes. SO GLAD that you are enjoying yours! You made a smile appear on my face by saying you got lots of compliments on it. I may put it's sister on eBay....

Have a wonderful weekend!


Disgusted Cats said...

Hey sweets. those ticket tags are really fun. They would look so cute with circus dolls!!!

BTW, I was asking about NYC, because I would have come up to meet you, and go on a little explore! Please let me know if you want to do that sometime you are back east.

I know yo must be super busy, but I miss your sweet Pixie face!

Love, Joanne

Pearl Maple said...

Your creative style sure shows through in everything you post to the blog, well done - those tags are the cutest.

Loudlife said...

Love your banner! Thanks for stopping by. I hate to tell you, but my next post is going to be about the snow we got! I thought I should warn you... :-D

Your Etsy stuff is super cute! I hope to learn soldering one of these days. As always, your photos are just fabulous. How do you get so much done???


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sandy! Me again... I tagged you so come on over to see...

BTW, I put the sister to your bag on eBay yesterday. Will see how she does..


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