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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I could soooo easily...

....live in Yosemite for the rest of my days :)
It was soooo hard to leave such beautiful surroundings... and to even top off our week..it sprinkled lightly the morning we left..and we woke to the pitter patter sounds of rain drops dancing on our rooftop :)

The water was flowin'...and everything was so green and lush! Lots of bear sighting reports from the campers around us.. but we didn't see any :(

We celebrated our 23 wedding anniversary there..with a delicious meal at the Ahwahnee hotel..and it was one of the highlights of the trip. The food was yummy..the piano player didn't sound too bad..and my date for the nite was dapper and dashing :)

so now im left longing to return..

this time.. a longer stay perhaps?? 5 days just isn't enough time to soak in the natural beauty of such a great park..

My Through the Viewfinder shots..

This one perhaps my favorite.. a sort of surreal photo.. although the top half of the picture is a little blurry.. something about the grass and the tree on the right being in focus makes me feel like im in some sort of dream. a feeling of being a pixie hiding in the grass..

Our adventure involved a 2 hour trail ride on horses..
of course..Tim had the pleasure of riding a mule :) "Miss Budweiser" was her name..a pack mule..that carries supplies up the mountain. Apparently during one of those trip..she was carrying.. you guessed it.. Budweiser beer..and one case just happened to topple out and spill all over the trail. Miss Budweiser knows how important it is to keep the national parks pristine clean..so she proceeded to lick and lap up alllllll the beer that spilled out :)

A view of the Valley floor from Glacier Point:
if you look reeeeeal close..you might spot our camper!

The meadow/golfcourse at the Wawona Hotel:

The streams were a-flowin'!

Me and my grumpy horse, Tenaya..who really thought 8 am was too early for a trail ride!

After Dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel
(note to self... bring a iron for pants)

The skies on our way home.. coming down Rt. 395..


Fog along Rt. 15

from Glacier Point:

Mirror Lake:

The Merced River:

The Ahwahnee Lodge


and.. other news..

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~Kammie~ said...

as usual Sandy--great pictures--you two take some great trips!!!! very envious!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Sammie what a fun vacay you had!!! What glorious photos! I want to ride a pack mule some day. Pam

vintagepaletteart said...

Sorry but Nana has to cuss............how Fuc--- amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Pfatt fest is in Yosemite! Can you see us all there???? Camping, exploring the natural wonders and of course having a few drinks around the campfire every night! I'm sure that Tim and Elf would volunteer to be our chefs for the week...right?

Ok..........*sigh*............dream over!

Thanks for the gorgeous pics Sam!
Luv ya! *Nana

Sherry said...

Sandy, these are wonderful photographs -- you feel like you're "right there". Wonderful time away and many happy wishes for your anniversary!

Jodi-SugarPlumStitches.com said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love Yosemite too! The last time i was there, i hiked to the TOP of Yosemite Falls! BEAUTIFUL! and scary at the same time!

Jenny Carter said...

Gorgeous pictures. You are soo tiny next to your tall husband! I am the same way. He is exactly a foot taller than I :)

me said...

You guys are such classy campers! I loved the pics!

Incidently, I tagged you (visit my blog for details). However, no pressure. Those things take a long time so if you're too busy, no worries. I just wanted you to know I was thinkin' of ya! Take care.


Kristen Beason Designs said...

Beautiful photos, I wish I could take a vacation there too! I know all about Hwy 395, my hubby grew up in a REALLY small town that 395 cuts through.


Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh my gosh, Sandy, I can see why you wanted to stay - Just beautiful!

And you and your husband look so darn cute together!


Valeriote Design said...

We'll be heading there in July. Thanks for beautiful photo teasers. I can hardly wait.

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

I want to go ! I love Budwieser...the mule that is. I really enjoyed your pictures.~~Pam

Jennifer said...

Wow -- lovely photos of what sounds like an utterly amazing trip! Congrats on your anniversary, too.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

What a gorgeous Place to be!!! I'm gonna show my hubby these gorgeous pic's and drop a little hint, hint..Yosemite would be a great Vacation!


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