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Saturday, September 27, 2008

off we goooooo .....

Just wanted to post that I won't be around for a week..Tim and I are taking off bright and early tomorrow morning and heading up the coast for some much needed Beach Time!! :)
Heading to just North of Santa Barbara.. to Morro Bay.. Pismo Beach.. Jalama Beach.. Slovang..
to take in the sights and sounds of Ocean Camping :)
I will be back with pics..and probably lots of sand in my camper.. but ahhh..it will be so worth it :)

take care my friends..

and remember to keep your eye open for those little 'moments' that happen ... take your camera with you all week to capture them..and HAVE FUN :)



Natalie said...

Sounds like bliss.

vintagepaletteart said...

Have fun my little friend!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the pics and drink one on the beach for me will ya? =o)


~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Hope you have a ton of fun and can't wait to see the pics when you get back!!


Tracey said...

Have fun!!!!

vintagepaletteart said...

Oh Miss Persistant............=O)

You're one of the lucky winners on my blog giveaway! Imagine that? Lol You only signed up like 3-4 times a week...........hehehe!!!

Luv ya! Maybe your gift will be waiting for you when you get home? Hopefully........LOL


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