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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Im In PORTLAND :) (oregon..the place with all the trees)

Whooohooooooo!! SURPRISE!!! I've dropped in to surprise a good friend, Christy (ccswhimsies)... and am 'vacationing' in Portland til Im darn good and ready to return to California*** :)
So..while Im on 'vacation'..i hope you're all out there living life to its fullest and capturing those memories on film..digital or not..capture them.. and post them on your blog (and let me know..i'd love to drop by to see them)!
spread the love..thats what i always say :)
see ya in a few days :)
***Tim..if you're reading this..keep the home fires burning...xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Jodi-SugarPlumStitches.com said...

You lucky girl! OH! how i miss my home of Portland! I get to 'go home' for Thanksgiving this year... and we are staying for about two weeks! I can hardly wait!!
have an amazing time!

Kathy Hunka said...

I hope you two are having loads of fun! Let us know when you return and show us some fabo pics!

vintagepaletteart said...

I'm here and waiting patiently for the pics and the stories too..............Make sure you stop by my blog. We had a blas this past weekend! Wish the both of you could have been there too!


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