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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gone are the days of sniffing plastic...

..now that the kids are grown.. there are no more toys.. no more dollies..no more playhouses to purchase this holiday season..no more of my favorite christmas-time scent..


ya..call me crazy..call me weird.. but i love the smell of fresh plastic and the reason relates back to a christmas when I was about 6. I remember getting a new vinyl or plastic purse..and the best part about that little cheap purse..was it's smell..oh ya..and the fact that it was probably my very first purse.

Clothing.. reading material.. giftcards.. and real life 'necessities' will fill the boxes under our christmas tree this year.
Gone are the days of barbies, racecar tracks, tea sets, annoying noisy guns and tearing into packages adorned with winnie the pooh paper, looney toons or teenage mutant ninja turtle wrappings...
gone is the smell of plastic.


Greg said...

The sense of smell is very powerful and can evoke memories from the past that are as clear as yesterday. I think you need an Easybake Oven under the tree this year, with a 175 watt bulb in it. Then you'll smell some plastic HaHa

Peddlin'Treasures said...

Ohh I know what you mean. I am always telling my girls "ohh I remember that smell of plastic" they think I am crazy! I do miss hiding all the presents, putting together the toys etc.. Thanks for the memmories!


Gerushia's New World said...

I must admit, I never thought I could become emotional over the thought of plastic, but I know exactly what you mean.

My kids are now 20, 19 and 15. No more Little Tykes Workshops, Batman action figures or Polly Pockets.

Boy oh boy, I know what you mean!

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Designs By CK said...

TOO FUNNY!!! ~ The plastic smell...I know what you mean...like new car smell! LOL '-)

Happy Holdays!

Chris :-D)


Designs By CK said...

PS : Sandy after the first of the year I want to commission you to make a new Designs by CK banner for my Etsy store!!!


CCs Whimsies said...

Sam.... You always make me think! The most vivid plastic smell I know is the smell of Colorforms! I wish I still had some.... Love you nugget!

vintagepaletteart said...

I heard that I was supposed to come here to find my way to Elfland...........on my way there now that I see he left you a comment.........LOL

Sam....you cna come to my house and smell some plastic this Christmas.......I will share with you! =o)

Holiday Hugs!

Loudlife said...

Oh, Sandy! I'm already sad - and I've got years to go before that point! Bring on the plastic smell!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

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