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Monday, April 6, 2009

Spankings Needed!

WOw..My apologies..
I've been a very bad blogger!!!

Between Vegas..and camping..and family issues..and matters of the heart..and more camping..and moving my daughter back home..and then Rockband..and Wii..and that STooooPid Mafia Wars on facebook.. i've lost all track of of life online!!! YIKES!!

I did take some pictures a couple of weeks ago.. of flowers that were in my backyard..
thats about the only creative thing i've done!!

I need to find and get my mojo back!!!


Jenny Carter said...

Love these! Glad to have ya back.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

yeah yeah yeah, excuses excuses...but see, that is how it is when you are such a great mom and friend! no time for bloggin!!

Chicken Lips said...

Just glad to see you're back online! These new photos are beautiful - LOVE the post production work on them!

Prim's by Kim said...

Welllllcooooome back!! Missed seeing your beautiful pictures =D

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

You baaad girl. You have flowers?! I'm jealous!! Love your photos as always, sighhh..


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