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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Essa has been having fun at the dog park. We've been hitting the park every day..and letting her run, sniff, explore, dig, and making new friends.

yesterday morning she got to meet Blitz..a weimaraner.. who was just beautiful! His owner said that weimaraners are suppose to weigh about 80 pounds max.. but his 'Blitz" was topping the scales at 120!!
He was solid and like a freight train! Essa gave him a run for his money.. and after about 10 min..we said our goodbyes. Once we got to the car..the poor lil girl was POOPED out! I think i heard her say.."Wow Mom..he was Big! Will i ever get that big someday?" lol..


Natalie said...

And I am blown away by how big Essa IS... when did she stop being a baby-faced puppy?

Dana said...

Essa is getting so big!!! What fun to run and play with Blitz ... I'm really jealous of the green grass. ;~)


Lacey Jane Primitives said...

Love and kisses for sweet Essa. She is so happy with you!!!!!
Enjoy her as much as you can!

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