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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thank you for your service!!

Meet Bethany :) A military wife, a loving mother to adorable little blondie-headed Chael..and a fur-baby dachshund by the name of "Bug"!
Bethany served in the U.S. Navy along side her husband (who is still in the Navy)..and wanted to send him a special surprise to cheer him up while he was at sea..far, far away from her. 
So we planned a day of hair, make-up (by Cori Kesler) ..mimosa's and pretty outfits.  
I loved her energy..her "easy-goingness"..her adventurous attitude and natural beauty :) 
Qualities that I am sure attracted her husband. 
Isn't she gorgeous?????

Thank you, Bethany for spending the day with me and being so fun!!!
 And Thank you both, Bethany and Kal, for your service to our country !!


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