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Thursday, May 31, 2007

"How Do You Eat An Elephant????"

""""""...... One bite at the time....or one DAY at the time, in your case!""""

The above quote comes from Penny (penpalgal).. reminding me that the month of June will go smoothly as long as I eat it 'one day at a time' :)
thanks Penny :)
I have mixed emotions regarding next month.. Im stressed out thinking about all I have to do yet.. before company arrives.. before my baby graduates high school.. before the release of Pfatt marketplace happens.. I've been screaming for "CALGON" for the past week and nothing has happened!

Im excited and can't wait to see my mom in law..and my parents.. i soo miss them..and miss having them around whenever I need a hand with something. I miss them just popping in for a cup of coffee. I miss going for walks with them. I miss the stories that my dad tells. I miss my mom worrying and wringing her hands over the little things and me talking her down. I miss my mother in laws positive outlook on life that all will work out. I miss just having them near.

But before they arrive..there's so much to prepare and get ready. There's graduation plans to be made.. food to be ordered..shopping to be done..groceries to fetch.. beds to move.. a camper to be cleaned and stocked.. a huge house to dust and clean. Then there's the birthdays that fill this month.. My sister's on the 6th. My neice's (her daughter) on the 10th. My dad's and Father's Day on the 17th. Tj's on the 19th. Tim's sisters on the 24th. Throw in graduation on the 15th. Combining all the parties into one day on the 17th! (can i scream for calgon yet...or should i just break out the Jack???)
My mom in law arrives on the 6th. We camp for one nite on the 7th. The 8th & 9th will be spent preparing the pages for Marketplace. The 13th my folks arrive. Graduation on the 15th. Party on the 17th. The 18th my mom in law leaves. The 20th my folks leave.
The 21st i have a breakdown.
plain and simple.

This is how I feel some days.. like im watching the world go by..its all happening way to fast..and I feel like im just some little bug.. wandering .. lost..

Feeling like TJ is 'skating' away too fast..and i have no control anymore.. just wanting to slow it down.. to hold on .. to hope for more hugs .. to hear more 'i love you mom'..

wanting to be that 'moth on the tree' ..that is happy just being.. just floating about.. not having a care in the world..

watching the baby skunks meander along the hillside.. looking for treats.. not caring that im just a foot away busily snapping their pictures.. hoping not to get 'sprayed'!

hoping that the kids find their path in this big crazy world..and manage to somehow keep growing and finding their way.. but still wanting them to keep their roots here with me.. with us.. at home..

and loving pictures like these with the 'thumbs up' signal that all is going according to plan..that all is well..that i overthink things too much...that i worry too much..and just need to 'let it happen'..and trust that everything will be okay.

So..im trying to hold the words the Penny told me this morning .. "how do you eat an elephant? one day at a time" :)
i can do this
i can do this
i can do this


The Feathered Nest said...

Sandy, you crack me up wanting to lick my birds!!! I love your posts, you have such a great sense of humor ~ your month of June does look pretty packed but you're right, one day at a time is best and one thing we as women hate to do...delegate jobs to others!! Hope you make it girl!! xxoo, Dawn

Becky said...

Thank you for making my month of June look easier. I send power and strength to you. Roar, I hear you girl.
Big Smiles,

Diane Duda said...

Sure, you can do it...and the mom's will help. I'd wait until it's all over to break out the Jack. Then you won't have to worry about the day you lost to the hang-over. :)

Good luck and try to enjoy your family!


Altered Kat said...

You CAN do this ;o)
Great shots btw!

Lori said...

good luck with june!!! and i thought i was overwhelmed... my husband wants me to use the serenity prayer as my mantra...i'm just a little too ocd to be serene unfortunately...
i'll make the hooty creeks if you teach me how to use photoshop!!!

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Sandy girl, you can do this!...deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth...take one moment at a time...just remember all these events are cherished moments. Dont try to be supermom and do it all yourself...tip: DELEGATE!...let others help out with it all. Just enjoy it all & take lots of pictures. :)

Wendy said...

You can do it Sandy! It sounds like lots & lots of things to do but in the end...everything works out. It's just a great BIG party for the month of June and you get to have all your friends and family to hang with! A little Jack is good too!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Wow Sandy....you do have a lot on your plate this month! You can do it....just take it one day at a time, and try to have fun with it! :) I am so looking forward to Halloween in June on PFATT and am working on finishing up my stuff this weekend. I promise NOT to be late this month!!

Mica said...

I love your photos and I just adore the elephants.Don't worry 'bout the kids, even if they stray a teeny bit they will root themselves back quickly!!!


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