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Friday, November 23, 2007

ahhhh... the tummies are full....

...the dishes all cleaned and put away... the kitchen is back to normal... the fridge is full of leftovers...and Im thankful for yet another day of leftover pumpkin pie :)

All that prep work.. all the planning..organizing..stressing..and POOF!! The meal is over within a half hour!! How does that happen?? I wish I had a 'pause' button some days.. to keep all the kids here.. home with me.. safe and protected..

Sara flew out early this morning from LAX allll by herself to head to S. Carolina to visit her best friend. Her first time flying solo.. I am so proud of her.. she is so brave! Tim keeps reassuring me that if she can manage to find her way around LA and all the freeways...she'll surely make it thru the airports just fine :) (Im so thankful that tim keeps me in 'check' and keeps supporting my heavy heart) But still...Im the 'momma'..and momma's worry...it's our job :)

Heard from the family (back in NY) yesterday..that they were blessed with SNOW for Turkey day!!!!! How unfair is that?? lol We sorta kinda came close to snow here..it dipped down to about 40 overnite the other nite lol... thats about as close as we'll come im afraid. :( Although one year, we did have one freakish snowstorm day back in March? a couple of years ago! It was SO WEIRD!!

We had a couple of inches...and some places in Murrieta (at the higher levels) got more!!! ahhhhhhhh how i sooooo miss that exciting weather!!! :(

But Im thankful for where I live..where the sun is usually shining every day of the year..and our family is alot healthier since moving here.

And Im thankful for those wonderful childhood memories filled with Snow days and Blizzards..the sounds of the snowplow coming down our street..the icy crunching underfoot..snowmen making.. making snowangels.. catching snowflakes on your tongue..sledding down our back hill.. iceskating on the frozen Erie Canal.. and making the trek across the frozen canal to my grandpa's house for fresh, warm homemade Polish cookies.. for me to reflect back on and smile :)

Happy Post Turkey Day to all of you.. Im thankful for having met such wonderful people thru blogland



Lori said...

Hi Sandy!!! Happy Day After Thanksgiving to You!!! Your family is just beautiful!!! It is snowing here today, I wish I had your sunshine:)

Danita said...

Happy Day after Turkey Day to you too Sandy! And thanks for all your support and help during this year!

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family, what lovely photos. Snow is nice to have in the memory banks of childhood and always a sweet thing to reflect on, no matter how far we move away from home.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sandy!!

Oh, I am tickled pink that you like your goodies. Thank you for your compliments on my sewing. Just hand wash it and line dry if need be. Hopefully the Scotchguard will protect it good.

Yes, I know just the felt elves that you are mentioning. Infact, I just finished decorating one of my trees with them. I love them, too and they remind me of my childhood, like you. That is why I loved the vintage tablecloth with those cutie pies on them. Thanks for making my day brighter with your sweet comment that you left for me..well, both of them actually!

Your family is so adorable! What a good looking bunch of folks! Glad to hear that you like it better here in California. I know that we get spoiled with our mild climate, huh?

You have a wonderful weekend! Hugs to you!!


Jeannene said...


You are so great and keeping up with your family Pictures. And What a lovely family you have. I am so tickled I will getting your lovely treat soon. I will be keeping my eyes out for it! (can't wait!!)
xoxo Jeannene

bj said...

So glad you had a good holiday...I did, too. And, I just ate my last piece of pumpkin pie, piled high with whipped creme with a hot, steaming cup of coffee this morning...I'd swear it's what the angels have for breakfast every morning. Sooooo good.
Last Easter here in West Texas, we had a pretty big snow and it was sooo weird, too. Just threw the whole holiday off for me!!

Dana said...

Hi Sandy!!!

Oh HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and to your family!!! We did get just a bit of snow here in Michigan, too. But just a bit. The leaves are still falling out of trees!

Your family looks wonderful ... so glad Sara got off on her own for her first solo flight, too. LAX, too yet!? We opted to fly into San Fran next week instead of LAX (at my brother's recommendation). We're too chicken to brave it, LOL!

Thanks for sharing your family with us ... have a wonderful weekend!


Sherry said...

Sandy so glad you had a good Thanksgiving!! Your new family photos are lovely and oh yes, once a momma, always a momma..we worry, we're wired to do that!! Hope darling daughter has a great time.

Don't envy us the snow too much on the eastern part of the world..it's darned cold!! :)

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Sam, I've wondered the same thing, re: poofing!! (But of course, there ARE the leftovers..)

What a beautiful family! How hard to let your babies go..

I'll trade ya some Ohio snow for CA. sunshine, along about February. Deal?!


Becky said...

Hay girl, I got a something to tell you. Hop on over to my blog and take a look.


Shirley said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Love the new family pictures! Do you use a remote or timer on your camera?

I remember the snow, I think it was actually in Nov...maybe we will get some soon. It is pretty darn cold right now!!

Take care!

Naturegirl said...

A wonderful famly photo!
We did get a bit more snow than your photos show!
I personally would rather NOT have snow...I know many like the wonderland look but I love to see sun and blossoming flowers all year round! Great looking family and sweet dog! :)NG

Jeannene said...

Hey Sandy,

Come by and see all my Christmas "eye candy!" I hope you are getting into the Spirit of the Season. I am!
xo Jeannene

softinthehead said...

There is nothing like family! Yours is beautiful and I can see why you are so proud. Here is to all your dreams and wishes coming true this Holiday season Sandy! Pam

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