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Sunday, November 25, 2007


got a diva on your christmas list?

a friend with a shabby fetish?

a diva that loves pink?

then these charms make the perfect lil stocking stuffers!

check 'em out on My Etsy...
Purchase or Order any two items now thru Dec. 15th and receive FREE priority mail shipping to anywhere in the US!!


ok.. off to bed..so i can get up early and start putting up my tree and decorating!!! YIPPPEEE!!!!
(hope the mood is still with me when i get up! lol)


Diane Duda said...


Valeriote Design said...

Love your new pieces! Have fun decorating.

Lori said...

SANdy, these are wonderful...your shop is just brimming with goodness isn't it...i LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweet little miss with the pink glitter skirt you have in the shop!!! she is a cutie for sure!!!

Dolly said...

These are just too cool!
I am the shabby diva on my list! lol

How is the decorateing coming along?
Can't wait to see what you have done!
Hey when you are done do you want to come over and help me do my christmas decorating?????

Smiles n Hugz,

Jeannene said...

"I love...love...love it so much Sandy!!" You are a busy "Diva/Shabby Queen yourselve..lol!!

Love your Christmas banner! Are you getting ready or what??!

Wendy said...

These are just AWESOME!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!

Jeannene said...


quick come see my post today!!
"I am so excited!!"
xoxo Jeannene

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sam! I got my necklace and just love love love love love it! Your work is spectacular!!

I am so glad that you are using and enjoying your bag. LOL about people not knowing about blogs..I get the same reaction often times when I tell people about mine. I do have another bag, like yours, made up to sell. Perhaps I will list it for sale on the blog now. ha.

Take care and welcome home!


vintagepaletteart said...

Hi Sami!!! Well I just adore my Jadyn bubble! =o)

Hey, I just tagged ya! You're IT! LOL

Luv Ya! *Nana

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