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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pfatt Pfest Pfun!!!

Im home from Napa Valley..and have spent an amazing 6 days with the most fun-loving, talented girls you'll ever meet!!!!
6 Days of very little sleep.. very late nites.. lots of shopping..wine drinking.. wineries.. trips to Safeway.. art-talk...sharing...making art.. laughing.. munching on yummy food..hottubbing...champagne..bartering...trading..swapping..
I have tons of pictures to even upload yet.. but wanted to update with a pic..
this was taken tuesday morning.. bright and early..before we left the house..and had to part ways :(

Left to Right: front row - Penny McAllister (Penny McAllister Originals - Alabama), Me (Sam I Am - CA), Christy Meyers (CC'sWhimsies, Oregon)

Back row = Iva Wilcox (Iva's Creations - CA) , Deb Wilkinson (Laughing Doll - CA), Lori Davis (Vintage*Palette - OH) , Kathy Hunka ( Kathy's Prims - OH), Joyce Stahl (Enchanted Productions - OH), Robin Armstrong Seeber (Outside the Box Primitives - PA), Joanne Harper (Disgusted Cats - PA) and Colleen Moody (A Seasonal Mood - CA)

I miss all of you already..the house is so quiet..

no giggling..no story-telling..no clinking of wine glasses..

I can't wait for next year!!! :)


Lori said...

what fun pictures:) i hope you had lots of fun with your friends Miss Sandy!!!

CCs Whimsies said...

Why does the time fly so FAST at Pfattfest? It was a magical time, and not soon will I forget all the Pfun. I love ya Sandy girl! Christy

Diane Duda said...

Hi Sandy.
I needed to let you know that my MOther and Son painting sold and I'm not sure if you are getting my Etsy messages. This email problem is frustrating me to no end!!!

I need me one of them there vacations! :)


Designs By CK said...

GREAT pics!!! :)


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Great pictures and great fun! Being around creative people is so inspiring! I love visiting and seeing all of your pictures, especially Tippy! Blessings, Katie

Sabii Wabii said...

ARg....heard about a group that came through the valley from my friend Sue who owns Madonna Estate! Wish I could have met you all! Next time!

Sandra Evertson said...

looks like such fun!
Sandra Evertson

Disgusted Cats said...

Man, I just knew your pictures would be fabulous, so I didn't spend a whole heap of time shooting mine.
LOL, I'm just going to enjoy your photos, if you don't mind. Miss you!

hug, Joanne

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