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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love Fall..

...and I love having gracious neighbors such as Glenn and "Pete" ...because they shower me with yummy, delicious apples grown in their backyard :)

Thank you Glenn and "Pete" for sharing your harvest with us...

These yummy apples were turned into Apple Crisp ..
Yes..I know most of you have probably fainted..but Yes..I made a dessert...from scratch..
Sara and her culinary skills must be rubbing off on me ;)


Lori said...

well that sounds just yummy:) i love your bowl of apples banner, very pretty!!!

Karen said...

I've got a bag of apples sitting on the counter... this should be the day I make something with them! The apple crisp sounds great!

Valeriote Design said...

Ohhh yummmiiieeeee! I love all things apple. Warm apple crisp is top of the list. Best wishes for a tasty dish!

Doreen said...

Hi Sandy! Love the apple photo's..so very pretty..and I bet your apple crisp turned out just yummy.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Apple crisp? Oh YUM!! I will give your recipe a try!!


PS: Your photos are just breathtaking!!

Jodi-SugarPlumStitches.com said...

Sandy, I am sure that your apple crisp was DELISH! but i am just loving LOOKING at the beautiful pictures you took! WONDERFUL!

Altered Kat said...

Ooohhh I love apple crisp!

adelesspookyart said...

Thanks for this Recipe....I'm gonna try it...The last i made was too sweet...This sounds better...BTW...I Love your new Night Lights...My Fav is I Believe in Make Believe...Very Nice!!...I'm Thinking of Someone that would love that for Christmas.....Hummmm....~adele~

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