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Monday, October 12, 2009

my blog is messed...

******THANK YOU SUMMER for slappin' me upside the head and helping me fix this!!***** hehehehee

ok..for the life of me.. i cannot figure out what i did to my blog! all of my links and little banners are at the bottom!
I've tried changing templates.. it doesn't matter which template i pick.. the links and everything still stay at the bottom of the stoooopid page!! grrrr!!
anyone have any ideas on how to fix it??? I'd GREATLY appreciate it lol


Artfulife said...

Okay, so hopefully this will help :)
1. Click on edit posts
2. Click on layout
3. I am guessing that somehow all of your sidebar "add a gadget" stuff is at the bottom of your layout. You can click on the boxes at the bottom of your blog & move them to the sidebar again.
4. Don't forget to save what you have done.
5. Sometimes it takes a little fiddling with but I think this should do the trick.

Hope this helps & have a great day!

Sam I Am said...


The French Bear said...

This happened to me once, I think I was trying to put two backgrounds on at the same time. I am not that computer smart because I have a Mac and that is hard too, everything I do seems to be wrong, but I am here for moral support!!!!
Margaret B

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

nope, but wanted to say HI...hugs, robin

Jackie said...

I did the same thing and had to drag my gadgets one by one.....ugh! Your first comment had the right advice, i hope it works, love the monkey :) happy day

Designs By CK said...

Good luck getting things sorted out Sandy...I'm sure you are very frustrated!

Popping in to wish you a VONDERFUL weekend.

Chris (-:


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

That sucks!....but I'm sure you'll figure it out...your so good at this kinda stuff...just breathe easy!

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