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Monday, October 19, 2009

my lil pooh is 22!!

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Sara!!!!
Today she is 22 years old...
I love you Pooh!!


linda cardina said...

wwwoow! she was/is stunning since day 1!!!!HAPPY BIRHTDAY POOH!

The French Bear said...

Isn't she just a little doll!!!! Must take after her Mama!!!! Happy Birthday Pooh!!!
Margaret B

Village Gift Shoppe said...

Awwwwwww......Happy Birthday Sara! You are a beautiful young woman! I know that your momma will you say you got your good looks from her....;o)

Hugs, Nana

Jennifer said...

Once a beauty, always a beauty! Congratulations to both of you for this milestone and all the years that have gone before it.

Suzanne-Poplar Street Prims said...

Happy Birthday Sara!

What a little doll!

Carrie said...

awwww, she's beautiful :) Happy Birthday Sara :)

Gerushia's New World said...

Happy Birthday to your 22 year old baby. Wow...time just slides right through your fingers. My son just turned 21 in June.

Is Sara still focusing on Culinary Arts?

Gerushia's New World
(Formerly Garden Painter Art)

Stephanie said...

Wowza. The photos show just exactly how quickly time goes by. My oldest Rugrat is 19 and it seems like just last week when he started kindergarten.

btw, your daughter is just beautiful!

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