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Friday, June 29, 2007

...more etsiness...

...or should that read...'etsyness'...?
hmmmm ..

anyway.. added another altered Halloween Photo to my etsy shop...

and counting down the days til Capt. Tippy is all MINE :) We plan on taking a 6 day trip up the coast..and the thoughts of leaving the Capt. home alone with the boys..scares me! So I've managed to win Tim over..and Capt. Tippy will be coming along with us in the RV! I hope he likes it..and I hope to maybe even entertain the idea of leash training him.. ??? WISH ME LUCK LOL

Any cat lovers out there that have successfully managed this task..I would love to hear!!!


deb said...

posted pictures of the shop where I'm taking the tiara soldering class... wish you lived closer, you could join me! :)

Doreen said...

Hi sandi.... I just adore these....they are perfect. As far as the leash goes..i think if you start him on it now...as soon as you get him..he will be use to it..and he will be fine.

How's everything going? I've not stopped by for a visit in awhile.


Kingfisher Farm said...

Sammi, I trained my kitty to go potty in a bag of kitty litter. I took her everywhere with me. I'd say go potty, and she would put her litle butt in the bag and go. I am sure you can do this, but cats resist being told what to do......so you may end up carrying him. also you need the harness not a collar. use tiny treats.......good luck Sista! Pam

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