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Monday, July 30, 2007

been a nervous wreck...

...tj left last thurs. to travel up the coast to santa cruz with his buddy...and have been worrying since he left!!!

this is his first 'road trip'..heading soooo far away..alone..without us :( they got there fine..and called to check in to say they made it.. and have checked in a couple of times since then...but still i worry.

just talked to him on the phone and they are headed back.. (yeahhhhh!!!) My mom tells me that the worrying never stops.. no matter how old they get..
great.. my gray hairs just keep comin' in faster and faster..

sara had an accident at work last week..and cut the tip of her thumb off!!!!! called me crying hysterically.. was on her way to the ER! We rushed up there.. fighting freeway traffic and nearly died about 6 times....

They sewed the tip of her thumb back on.. luckily.. it looks like its going to 'stay'..and heal~

her girlfriends from NY came up to visit..and got to hold her hand while she had the stitches removed..

Angela, Sara and Nicole...stopped in to cool their feet :)

and Tippy.. looking out the back patio door..wanting to come out to play:


Sylvia Anderson said...

Ouchie on Sara's thumb!! I'm glad to hear that they were able to sew it back on, but I'm sure it must have hurt something terrible!! Tippy sure looks cute wanting to come out and play...and how fun that you are doing leash training! You don't see that evry often. :)

Lori said...

i am feeling out of sorts with my boys gone...i never thought a house could be "too" quiet :)...so glad Sara's thumb could be saved, OUCH!!! Tippy is just the cutest!!!

jeannene said...

"Sandy Girl...
You Rock...you deserve a "Rockin'Girl Blogger Award!!" After reading your post, I just had to add you..."God bless all your worries, I do feel your worries, I do the same for my kids..and they are still little. They say, it never gets easier..."God help me!!" I hope your son comes home safely and your daughter feels better!!


jeannene said...

"OH Yeah...you have to read my post and then, list five others too!!"


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ah kids!!!! I have one turning 14 tommorrow! I can't believe how fast time flies!!!!

Tippy must be the cutest kitty ever!

shirley said...

Oh man! I am hoping it gets easier when the kids are all grown up!! Glad TJ is checking in with you!

Poos Sara, OUCH! Hope that heals up fast!!

and Tippy!! He is just too cute!!

softinthehead said...

Ahhhh Sandy....I'm afraid what you are going through never goes away...From the day of conception till the day you move on in your journey your children will always affect you this way...Your a MOM! Take it from someone who has been down this road many times with my kids traveling all over the world and living in some really awful places just for the experience! The "empty nest" syndrome is the pits...my funk lasted for a very long time when my youngest spread his wings and started flying...Hang in there...It's tough being on the sidelines watching but believe me the entertainment never stops! Ouchy for Sara...glad it wasn't as serious as it could have been...Pam

Diane Duda said...

Great pictures! Well, most of them. :(
Glad she's okay and that your boy will be home soon.
I worry about mine when they walk down the hill to McDonalds. Not looking forward to the fast-approaching driving age.

Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh, Sandy, I can identify! I remember talking to my neighbor who is in her 80's - she was saying her grandaughter was staying with them, and she had been worrying about her all night because she had to drive home in the fog. I knew then that it never ends, and I'll still be worrying when I'm 80, too! Looking back, I would have worried a lot more if our boys had told us EVERYTHING they did -- (the stories keep coming out!)

I hope Sara's finger is healing well! Nancy

Wendy said...

Geesh Sandy, You are having a heck of a day over there. I know how you feel, I worry too much about my girls especially now that they are teens.

Mica said...

oh my!!! Sara's thomb. good gravy I hope she is okay. Missing ya too!!! Hope all is well there. Tippy is sure a ham too!!! so sweet!!

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