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Thursday, July 17, 2008

nature's sweet song

just reworking some photos I took while I was in NY..
Although its been a couple of weeks since being there..these photos always seem to make me feel like Im still there.. wishing i was there.. craving the time when they can come visit me :)

the sea of hosta's that live along my in-laws front porch..
last year (or was it the year before that??) the deer really had a munch-fest on these poor guys.. but they bounced back and are just as thick and lush as ever!

a dew covered leaf..
just like the dew drops on this little leaf..it so relates to life. It's amazing that no matter how filled with tears we seem to occasionally get.. never let us forget that we have 'friends' and family 'supporting' us.. they always seem to 'catch' us when we fall..and help us thru ..

and love is always near.. in the tiniest of gestures..in a caring hand.. a shoulder to lean on.. or in a gentle touch..


Jeannene said...

Lovely, you take beautiful pictures!!


Lori said...

Sandy, your banner is adorable...your pictures are gorgeous, i love the one with the cute lil' chipmunks!!!

Lisa J said...

Love your pictures! Darling chipmunks too! Lisa

Jann said...

Hi--just stopped by your blog when I found it mentioned on "Mind Wide Open"--I love your photos! Thank you for the lovely visit! ~ Jann

Bonnie Jones said...

Such wonderful pictures, you are definitely a professional..really love looking at them.

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