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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NY vacation

Sorry I've not had a chance to post..or answer your comments that you've posted..
I flew back home (NY) June 25th to surprise my two nieces that graduated from High School. :)
They were surprised :) And we've had a fun time :)
While here in NY..I was even blessed with a rip roaring thunderstorm that passed thru ..with strong winds..lightning..thunder..and even HAIL :) I was sooooo excited!!!! :)
I will post pics of my two sweet nieces once I get back home and upload the pictures... Im so proud of both of them...and am sooo happy I had the chance to come home and visit them and watch them walk on-stage to receive their diplomas :)

Now Im packed..and ready to say my goodbyes :(
I hate leaving places...
especially family :(


~Kammie~ said...

wow-everyone was in NY that week--I had 2 friends that were back there at the same time--they don't know each other and ironically they were both in Rochester--how weird was that??? were you there too? LOL

very cool you got to surprise them!

The Smiling Goat said...

My little Sammi Miami! So glad your back! I know you had a good time. Now it's time to share all the pics! Missed ya!


Jackie said...

I love all the kitty pics...esp. the one sleeping on it's back in the garden. Just great! Graduations are such milestones in a life...so nice for you to be able to be there. My Biz Partner Terry and I have had 3 between our families this June. Nice blog...I'll check back again for sure!
Jackie at The Red Door

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