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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...wandering around the back country..

ok..this first picture isn't from the 'backcountry' of southern cal.. but it is in my town..and yes.. Timmy just HAD to take me there to get one of these YUMMMMMY treats!! If you are obsessed with Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts cookie sales, then you will absolutley NEED to have a Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen!!! YUM -O!!
Actually this was our last stop of the day (DQ) after Tim and I packed up the jeep with a picnic basket and headed out saturday morning :)
We decided to wander about the 'back country' as we call it..lol..and drive thru the Bonsall , Fallbrook and Rainbow Canyon area of Southern Cal..
Its just so pretty..hilly.. and scenic..it feels as if you've escaped the city and have been plopped down right in the middle of God's country! I love traveling thru there..wishing we owned about 50 acres of hills and rocks!
This cattle farm was one of the stops..and they didn't really care for me being there taking their picture..(then tim reminded me i had a 'red dress' on..and maybe I was scaring them off!)
This creature.. not sure what to call them.. (I never did understand or learn proper cattle names.. )
but he was funny..as he stood directly over one of the sprinklers that were going ...keeping cool..or was he taking a shower??

We found a road..that wound and wrapped its way around some hill..and then narrowed and became a bit treacherous..and ended up at a locked gate :(

me.. in the mirror.. and yes..you would all freak if you could see that i am actually wearing a DRESS!!!!!!
i know..i know..

My Timmy.. surrounded by cacti

oh ya..and have to throw in a Betsy-Boo pic for good measure..and because she loves me :)

oh ya..and a cactus farm we found along the way..

ok..get your minds out of the gutter and get over the fact they look so...




vintagepaletteart said...

Now that is one gorgeous............................................................................................................................................Picture! Bwwwwwahhaaa!

They should have posted a sign......no sitting on the cacti! hahahaha!!!

Sorry....I couldn't help myself! LMAO!

Luv ya Sam! You are so much fun! And I love your little trip pics!

Hugs! *Nana

Donna said...

I'm convinced that I have to try the Dairy Queen Girl Scout Thin Mint Blizzard. We just got back from Indiana and I saw signs advertising them up there. I haven't noticed any here in Texas yet but I'm sure they're here. So, I'll give the Blizzard a try but I think I'll skip the cacti. Tee-hee-hee!

Lori said...

i SWEAR i wasn't thinking that at ALL!!!

you are too funny girl:)

ValGalArt said...

You take beautiful pictures and your blog is so lovely! I am from San Diego but I have lived in Topanga for 30 years. All of the places you talk about and visit are the places of my youth :)

saffron said...

Those are the prettiest cacti I've ever seen. (Because, or in spite, of being phallic!!)

Hope your summer's going beautifully!

luv, saffron

Altered Route said...

Buzzing in!!Scottish Highlanders....Highland cattle were developed in the western Highlands of Scotland and the breed has remained unchanged for the last 200 years. They are a Hobby breed.

Sure love your blog. Your backroad travels and photos take me back to my youth as I was raised in CA and I think I was in every nook & corner at one time or another. I really enjoyed your Anza Burrego trip a while back...don't ever quit sharing your great photography!!!

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