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Monday, January 22, 2007

Seymore Squirrel..and Kally Kinglet!

I love this song..


Two more friends I caught 'visiting' my yard today.. had to snap them and add them to my collection :)
Meet Seymore Squirrel (Kim named him heheheh) and Kally Kinglet!
Thanks to Zinnie and her daughter for identifying this lil birdie for me :)


Shirlee said...

Great pictures. I love the little birdie perched on the branches. More than one person in my lifetime has given me the nickname "Squirlee". I guess because it rhymes. So if Seymour gets a girlfriend maybe she can be my namesake. LOL. :)

Sam I Am said...

Hi Shirlee...
hehehehehe.. If i spy Seymore with a gal-pal.. she will 'shirlee' be named .."Squirlee' :)

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