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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elements Photo Week - Earth

Tuesdays "Earth" photo..

I chose this photo because i think its so cool that no matter how dry and hard the earth is here in southern california..a bit of beauty somehow manages to grow from it.

A good life lesson i suppose.

No matter how tough things get..or how hard things seem to be ..if you look for the good..look for the beauty..and stay positive .. in the end..you will have grown :)
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Lori said...

lovely photos again! that little yellow flower in the first looks so sweet!!!

Sharon at American Harvest said...

These are words to live by. It is like the expression ...Is your glass half full or half empty? No matter what happens look for the beauty, the positive. Thank you for the reminder.

Nicole said...

Hi Sandy!

I just TAGGED you for a game on my blog! Go read! Have fun!

Diane Duda said...

Lovely lesson and lovely photos.

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