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Monday, August 20, 2007

play along..

Shirley posted this on her blog..and thought it would be fun to play along...
Copy and paste it on your blog..and play along too :)
1. where is your cell phone? in the kitchen somewhere..
2. your boyfriend/girlfriend? silly..im married :) but if i had one..it would be Ace Young :) lol
3. your hair? ahh yes..my hair.. the 'stuff' on top of my head that im hating right now..trying to decide what to do with it.. maybe I'll pull a 'brittany' ;)
4. where is your father? in New York.. probably watching Law and Order
5. your favorite thing to do? take pics.. create.. go RV'ing..
6. your dream last night? i dont think i did.. tossed and turned.. didn't get to sleep til about 4 am!
7. your dream car? anything cute... and the prettiest shade of baby blue
8. the room you're in? Computer/office
9. who did you hang out with last night? tim.. and tj.. watching Beckham of course :)
10. your fears? spiders.. and watching tim back the RV up
11. what aren't you good at? texas hold 'em
12. muffins? banana nut
13. one of your wish list items? a canon 5d.. someday..when i win the lottery..
14. the last thing you did? chatted with my bestest friends in the world on yahoo :)
15. your computer? an emachine..
16. your pet? one dog (shih tzu - Honey 9 yrs).. one bird ( a dove - Arial who's about 13 yrs old now).. 2 cats (Raisin 4 yrs..and Capt. Tippy who's 3 mos)
17. you are wearing? light blue tee and capri jeans
18. your life? scary lol too worried about the kids to relax! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!
19. your mood? right now.. happy..content..
20. missing? my folks and family from back hom (NY).. and my pfatt pfriends :(
21. your car? Hyundai Santa fe
22. what are you thinking about now? I need to get off this computer..and go cuddle with Tim!
23. your work? jack of all trades..master of none lol
24. your summer? exciting! marks a new chapter in my life.. my baby graduated highschool.. and now im starting the 'empty nest' chapter :(
25. your relationship status? Happily Married with Grown Adults
26. your favorite color(s)? I really love all colors.. navy blue, robin egg blue.. white.. pinks.. black.. (yuck to royal blue or john deere green tho..eww)
27. when is the last time you cried? the other nite in bed..while reading "dragonfly in amber"...when claire finds the headstone to her husband, jamie :(
28. when was the last time you laughed? about a half hour ago..while chatting with lori, kimmy and christy :)
29. school? do art workshops count?? going to one in Portland in October..can't wait!!!!
30. favorite 90's group? bon jovi all the wayyy baby!


Jeannene said...

"This look so fun...and looks like we have a lot in comment!!" I'll have to play too...hmmm...(is it to much imfo. about me???...Yikes!!...LOL!!)


Sylvia Anderson said...

I love Bon Jovi too!! :) I want to say that I love that each time I come to visit your blog, you always have a new banner on top! They are always so creative, and it makes it a fun thing to look forward too when I visit!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Ooh, fun, I'll play too! Love your vacation pics, and always your new banners, too..

Lori said...

i love your list...esp #22, very sweet

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