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Friday, August 31, 2007

Elements Photo Week - Metal

Today is the last day of the Photo Elements week :(
I had fun participating in this.. Thanks Shari for the fun :)

My last photo..
this metal thing has been a part of me and my life since the 4th grade. It hasn't left my side since then..and we've been thru many a concert, parades, churches, auditoriums, auditions, trips, and competitions and tears together.
I don't know what sort of person I would be today if this metal thing had not been in my life. Im thankful my parents were able to scrimp and save and Im sure they did without a few things so that I could have this.

Without this metal thing, I might not have met my husband... as it was because of this metal thing.. he saw my picture in the local newspaper and called me for a date! The rest is history :)

Thank you Mom and Dad for putting more than just music in my heart :)


PixieDust said...

Beautiful photo, I can almost hear the melody...


Jeannene said...

"This is such a beautiful story, how sweet and "Love is Music to both of your Ears!!"


CraBBy GaBBy said...

Wow Sandy..Not only is the photo enchanting but so is the story! Thanks for sharing and making me smile..as far as Photos of Kosomo.grr, he is so sweet WHEN HE SLEEPS! LOL

PixieDust said...


Thank you for your comment on my blog...


The Earth photo was taken at Butchard Gardens in Victoria, Canada.

Becky said...

Sandy, I've been checking in on your elements post. Thanks so much, I've really enjoyed it.

Lori said...

how SWEET is that!!! i love this story!!!

Loudlife said...

What a beautiful photo! I absolutely love it. And what a sweet way to meet your husband - he must have nerves of steel to call up a stranger he saw in the newspaper!


Kitty Forseth said...

Happy Labor Day Sammie I Ammie!!!

I love, love LOVE your photography.. always such a treat!

Thank you for your kind comments on my kayaking shots.. I have truly fallen in love with paddling. It helps having such a beautiful lake so close to my house!

Is it really September already?? WOW!

xo Kitty

Sweet Remembrance said...

I love your photo...it is as precious as your story!

Kitty Forseth said...

You have been tagged with the Nice Matters Award!

:) Kitty

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